How To Apply

  1. Apply your mascara.
  2. Place K Luxe Lashes on top of your eyes and measure.
  3. If necessary, cut the ends of the K Luxe Lashes to better fit your eyes. 
  4. Apply the glue on the lash line of the K Luxe Lashes, and wait 10 seconds to dry.
  5. Place the K Luxe Lashes on top of your natural lash line.

How To Remove

  1. Gently peel off the K Luxe Lashes from your lash line.
  2. Make sure to remove any excess glue from the K Luxe Lashes.
  3. Store the K Luxe Lashes flat on the lash tray.

Tips & Aftercare

  • Be gentle when handling K Luxe Lashes.
  • Make sure to remove all traces of glue from the lashes after each wear. This will ensure that K Luxe Lashes always sit perfectly flush against your lash line.
  • Do not soak your lashes with any liquids.
  • Do not apply mascara to your K Luxe Lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question How many times can I wear my K Luxe Lashes?

Unlike synthetic lashes with up to 4 wears, you can wear your K Luxe Lashes up to 25 times with proper application and care.

Question Why should I choose K Luxe Lashes over synthetic lashes?

While regular synthetic lashes are the cheaper option, synthetic lashes are designed for short-term wearability, allowing for only 4 wears or so. Additionally, they do not offer the same level of lightness, comfort and the natural look of K Luxe Lashes. Faux Mink K Luxe Lashes have a natural shine and holds curling much better than regular synthetic lashes. K Luxe Lashes are sterilized and expertly handcrafted to deliver the most natural looking faux mink lashes available on the market.

Question Can I curl my K Luxe Lashes?

Yes, you can. Premium Lashes allow for optimum curling properties. When curled, K Luxe Lashes hold the curl beautifully, allowing for an even more natural look.

Question Can I wash or soak my K Luxe Lashes?

No. We do not recommend washing or soaking your K Luxe Lashes. Do not use any liquids or chemicals for cleaning your K Luxe Lashes as they can ruin its natural properties, cause shedding, or deconstruct its beautiful curl.