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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I wear my K Luxe Lashes?

Unlike synthetic lashes with up to 4 wears, you can wear your K Luxe Lashes up to 25 times with proper application and care.

Why should I choose K Luxe Lashes over synthetic lashes?

While synthetic lashes are the cheaper option, synthetic lashes are designed for short-term wearability, allowing for only 4 wears or so. Additionally, they do not offer the same level of lightness, comfort and the natural look of K Luxe Lashes. Mink K Luxe Lashes have a natural shine and holds curling much better than synthetic lashes. When you choose K Luxe Lashes, you are choosing a product that has never been chemically processed, dyed or artificially manufactured. K Luxe Lashes are sterilized and expertly handcrafted to deliver the most natural looking mink lashes available on the market.

Are animals harmed in the process of creating mink lashes?

We are proud to announce that we do not harm any animals during the production of our beautiful K Luxe Lashes. We source from farm-raised siberian minks. When mink hairs are shed in the summer, they are collected and sterilised for handcrafted production. This ensures that no animals are harmed in the process, and the mink hairs are naturally collected.

Can I curl my K Luxe Lashes?

Yes, you can. Mink lashes allow for optimum curling properties. When curled, K Luxe Lashes hold the curl beautifully, allowing for an even more natural look.

Can I wash or soak my K Luxe Lashes?

No. We do not recommend washing or soaking your K Luxe Lashes. Do not use any liquids or chemicals for cleaning your K Luxe Lashes as they can ruin its natural properties, cause shedding, or deconstruct its beautiful curl.

What glue should I use with my K Luxe Lashes?

We recommend Lus and Callas Liquid Glue with your K Luxe Lashes. The glue dries clear, waterproof, and latex-free, they can be purchased from K Luxe Lash Boutique and some of our stockists.