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Application & Care

How To Apply
  1. Apply your mascara.
  2. Place K Luxe Lashes on top of your eyes and measure.
  3. If necessary, cut the ends of the K Luxe Lashes to better fit your eyes.
  4. Apply the glue on the lash line of the K Luxe Lashes, and wait 10 seconds to dry.
  5. Place the K Luxe Lashes on top of your natural lash line.
How To Remove
  1. Gently peel off the K Luxe Lashes from your lash line.
  2. Make sure to remove any excess glue from the K Luxe Lashes.
  3. Store the K Luxe Lashes flat on the lash tray.
Tips & Aftercare
  1. Be gentle when handling K Luxe Lashes.
  2. Make sure to remove all traces of glue from the lashes after each wear. This will ensure that K Luxe Lashes always sit perfectly flush against your lash line.
  3. Do not soak your lashes with any liquids.
  4. Do not apply mascara to your K Luxe Lashes.